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Entry #2


2010-09-28 13:48:54 by Just-here-to-watch

I really got sick of that post of mine, so. I changed it now. Hehehe, I feel like uploading a screech.


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2010-11-29 10:04:15

don't worry too much about your whistle , the system is a joke

see..... only users that the admins/mods favour get better whistles

you shouldn't have flagged anything and left your whistle normal

but oh well...

Just-here-to-watch responds:

Sigh. I guess that's newgrounds huh......


2010-12-18 10:35:32

I approved your audio, I really liked that song :)

Just-here-to-watch responds:

Thank you :D I waited a long time before it got approved, I am very glad it did :D Thanks again :)