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2010-09-28 13:48:54 by Just-here-to-watch

I really got sick of that post of mine, so. I changed it now. Hehehe, I feel like uploading a screech.

Flash ?

2007-12-20 14:08:41 by Just-here-to-watch

Hello everyone , this is my first post here , and I wanted to ask you guys something.
I just got a tablet , and I want to animate , but I have no idea wich program is the best and is easy to use . Does anyone have a good suggestion ?

I heard from somebody that flash is really hard to work with when you don't know how it works , so I wonder , are there any other good porgrams for making animations ?

And if anybody here is good with Adobe phtotoshop , I could use some help there too ^^;

Thanks everybody :D

Flash ?